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Office Upgrades

Add Ons and Services to Upgrade Your Space

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Scroll down to explore WeWork Israel Add-on services to improve your workplace experience and help your business thrive.


By clicking "Request" you will be redirected to the WeWork Support form on the WeWork website:
1. Select your location and type your office number

2. Select "Other" category

3. List product(s) and the quantity you would like to order in the text field

4. Select “Submit” to submit order

Available Services

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Plants - Small

240 NIS + VAT

A set of plants to lighten up your office space.
Small set includes - 2 XS plants

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Plants - Medium

600 NIS + VAT

A set of plants to lighten up your office space.
Medium set includes - 2 XS and 1 S plants

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Plants - Large

1,630 NIS + VAT

A set of plants to lighten up your office space.
Large set includes - 2 XS, 1 S, 1 M and 1 L plants

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Technology Bundles

S - 585 | M - 900 | L - 1,100 NIS+VAT
One Time Setup Fee - 490 NIS+VAT

Save on technology services with our bundles:
Base Services- Private Wired VLAN + Public IP
Small Bundle- Base + Private Wireless SSID
Medium Bundle- Base + 1 U Rackspace rental
Large Bundle- Base + Private Wireless SSID + 1 U Rackspace rental

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Privacy Screen Filters

Starting from 460 NIS + VAT

Privacy Screen Filters are removable filters designed to shield sensitive data from prying eyes. Price depends on screen type and size

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Private VLAN

Monthly Fee - 195 NIS+VAT
One Time Setup Fee - 490 NIS+VAT

A Private VLAN segregates your company's internet traffic from other members on the WeWork network.

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Private Wireless Network

Monthly Fee - 245 NIS+VAT
One Time Setup Fee - 490 NIS+VAT

Give your employees, devices, and guests a private and branded WiFi network.

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Public IP

Monthly Fee - 195 NIS+VAT
One Time Fee - 490 NIS+VAT

A Public IP on the WeWork network allows members direct internet access for their own firewall or appliance.

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Private ISP Line

100Mbps = 1200 | 1Gbps = 4800 NIS+VAT
One Time Setup Fee - 490 NIS+VAT

An enhanced service offering beyond the traditional WeWork network, sold in increments of 100Mbps, 200Mbps, 500Mbps or 1Gbps.

Special offer: add the Large Technology Bundle in only 790 NIS+VAT monthly.

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Firewall Rental

This is an enhanced service offering for members in order to configure VPN, IPS (Intrusion Preventive System), IDS, and more. 12 months commitment is required

Please contact your community team for a quote

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Rackspace Rental

1U-600 NIS 5U-2000 NIS 10U-4000 NIS 20U-7000 NIS

Store your network gear in a secured, climate-controlled environment within a WeWork IT room. This product is sold by rack unit (“RU”)

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Phone Line


Add a private phone line in your office and a phone device with voice mail, extensions, auto attend and more.

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Glass White Board


Add your own custom-made dry erase glass whiteboard to your office.
Available only in offices with a wall. Prices do not include VAT and installation.

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Magnetic Frame - 142 NIS (80X120) | 744 NIS (120X180)
Wooden Frame - 222 NIS (80X120)
Portable Whiteboard - 1,320 NIS (120X120)

Wall mounted or portable whiteboard, with magnetic or wood frame.
Sizes - 80X120, 120X120, 120X180.
Prices do not include VAT and installation.

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Whiteboard Essentials

75 NIS + VAT

A kit of 4 markers, an eraser, and a cleaning spray in a white box.

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Smell of Opportunities

110 NIS + VAT

The original WeWork scent in a 500ml defuser bottle

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TV Mounts

Up to 200 NIS+VAT + Installation Fee:
180 NIS+VAT per hour or part of it

Wall/ceiling mount for standard TV (up to 56"). Requires our technician's approval on the designated wall before purchase.
Price varies according to selected product.

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Extra Logo

One Time Fee - 85 NIS+VAT

Have a new Logo? Let us help you show it to everyone right on your office door with high quality flat cut letters stickers.

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Office Disinfection

1,080-2,400 NIS+VAT

Thorough cleaning service with special cleaning products and supplies for disinfection.

Prices range depends on office size

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Sit Stand Desk

2,500 NIS +VAT per desk
Additional delivery fee

A Sit-Stand Desk that will allow you to adjust your desk to your chosen hight.
Minimum of 4 units per purchase.

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Desk Partitions

Starting from 374 NIS+VAT
Installation fee starting from 450 NIS+VAT

The partitions are made from Polycarbonate and meet the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Prices range depends on the quantity.

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Acoustic Ceiling

Starting from 330 NIS + VAT / SQM

Acoustic ceiling will reduce the transmission of noise in your office and lower down the echo.

Prices range depends on office size.

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Office Maintenance Work

180 NIS + VAT per hour or a part of it

Got a new shelf or storage unit? Want to hang a TV on your wall? Our team is here to assist with any maintenance work at your office.

Products such as TV hangers, whiteboards, shelves, furniture etc. can be purchased for additional fee.

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Access Reports

Starting from 500 NIS+VAT

Get information about the access of your team to your office or building. Reports are based on keycard usage and can be generated on a one-time, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis (price varies).

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Guest Access Reports

Weekly Report - 170 NIS+VAT per report
Monthly Report - 680 NIS+VAT per report

Get a full report of the names of the guests who registered at the front desk to visit your company.

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Events & Productions

Get a quote today!

Whether you’re planning an event, a conference, an offsite or even a shooting production, you'll find exactly the space you’re looking for in our locations, outdoors or indoors.

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WeWork Members Special Offers

We are excited to introduce the WeWork digital platform for special offers. We have put together a guide featuring special offers and discount codes to shop our member products from across the country that can be delivered to your loved ones, or to yourself.

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